ACI-LAC is a regional office of Airports Council International, which represents
the interests of airports operators for the Latin-American and Caribbean.

Airports are preparing to welcome the passenger of the future



ACI-LAC has a range of Global and Regional Initiatives to assist members in raising standards and promoting professional excellence in airport management, operations and customer service.

With these initiatives, ACI-LAC continues to seek new and innovative ways of approaching issues and providing advice and support for the benefit of our airport members and the communities they serve.

What is World Business
Partner Programme?

ACI-Latin America and Caribbean World Business Partners (WBP) programme is a member service that provides a unique platform for airport product and service providers to interact with the airport industry in a more personalized manner, create a network of airport key decision makers and explore new business opportunities, both at regional and worldwide level.

  • maximize your business opportunities;
  • showcase your products and services;
  • share your industry expertise;
  • expand your presence in regional and worldwide markets;
  • obtain unique WBP branding and sponsorship opportunities.

Become a WBP Member

You will have exclusive to a global network of airport executives through participation on ACI World and ACI-LAC events and conferences.


Airport Excellence (APEX) Programmes

Airport Excellence (APEX) Programme provides assistance for ACI members to improve their level of compliance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices.

Through a Peer Review performed on-site, the ACI Review Team will identify gaps, as well as, draw an action/implementation plan for the Host Airport to address these vulnerabilities.

ACI will also assist the Host Airport throughout the implementation phase by providing support, training and access to a global network of expertise.
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Latest News

ACI-LAC announces new members of its Board of Directors
The Dominican Republic's Mónika Infante, CEO of AERODOM, assumes presidency of the Board of Directors of the Airports Council International for Latin America and the Caribbean (ACI-LAC) for the period 2024 - 2025. She is the first woman to lead the association since it was founded in 1991.
GCG Group Joins ACI-LAC as a World Business Partner
GCG Group, a leading provider of specialized services for airlines, airports, and diverse companies, and institutions, has reached a pivotal milestone by joining the Airports Council International Latin America and Caribbean (ACI-LAC) as a World Business Partner.     
Thales, Leader in innovation and technology, joins ACI-LAC
Thales, a global leader in cutting-edge technology and innovation, is the latest World Business Partner of Airport Council International Latin America and the Caribbean.