Smart Security

Smart Security is an ACI led program that looks to improve passenger and cabin baggage screening at airports worldwide. This initiative envisions to provide to Airports a continuous journey from curb to airside, where passengers proceed through security with minimal inconvenience, where security resources are allocated based on risk, and where airport facilities can be optimized.

The initiative will facilitate to Airports the implementation of pratices for the introduction of risk-based security concepts, advanced screening technologies, and process innovation.

With these elements in combination, Smart Security seeks to deliver:

  • Strengthened security
    Focus resources based on risk, increase unpredictability, make better use of existing technologies, and introduce new technologies with advanced capabilities as they become available.
  • Increased operational efficiency Increase throughput, optimize asset utilization, reduce cost per passenger, and maximize space and staff resources.
  • Improved passenger experience Reduce queues and waiting times and use technology for less intrusive and time consuming security screening.
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While the Smart Security program sets a vision for the longer term, many Smart Security concepts and solutions are available today. Over the past few years, they have been tested and evaluated in partnership with governments, airports, airlines, and solution providers. Airports including London Heathrow, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Doha Hamad, Toronto Pearson, Melbourne and Changi are amongst those leading the way, with many more now looking at how Smart Security concepts can be incorporated into their operations.


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