DFS Aviation Services joins ACI-LAC as a new Commercial Partner

Panama, July 27, 2022 – DFS Aviation Services GmbH (DAS), an Air Navigation company, recently became one of ACI-LAC’s commercial partners, seeking to join forces on behalf of the airport industry and strengthen its presence in the region.

DFS Aviation Services controls air traffic at small and medium-sized German airports and provides products and services related to air traffic control worldwide.

Rafael Alcocer, Regional Manager for Spain and Latin America at DFS Aviation Services, commented “The quality of the services we provide is one of the core values that define our philosophy. By becoming a member of ACI LAC, DFS Aviation Services seeks to contribute to the safe and sustainable growth of the entire continent.” He in turn expressed his great satisfaction at becoming one of ACI-LAC’s business partners, adding “Joining forces is one of the ys needed to drive growth.”

Dr. Rafael Echevarne, General Director of ACI-LAC, expressed his satisfaction with the work done by the organization to attract commercial partners to help improve the airport industry in the region. “The experience of DFS Aviation Services as a provider of Air Navigation services for airports will be a very valuable contribution to the development of the aviation industry in Latin America and the Caribbean, and we are very happy to have them among our partners”.

Worldwide, DFS Aviation Services employs more than 400 collaborators with qualified labor among its 5 subsidiaries in different continents. In order to provide the best service to its distinguished group of customers which include Air Navigation service providers, airports, airlines and aviation authorities around the world.

With this, ACI-LAC and DFS Aviation Services confirm their joint efforts to contribute to the growth of the airport industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Author: ACI-LAC