ACI-LAC Announces the Appointment of Two New Board Members

Panama, April 12, 2021 – Airports Council International for Latin America and the Caribbean (ACI-LAC) announces today the appointment of two new members to the ACI-LAC Board of Directors, Mr. Lorenzo Di Loreto, Vice President Business Development & Sales Delivery at Munich International Airport GmbH and Mr. Michael Tubridy, Associate Vice President at Landrum & Brown, both as Advisors.

“I would like to welcome Mike and Lorenzo as part of our team in ACI-LAC. Their combined experience in the airport industry will be extremely beneficial for the implementation and development of ACI´s key initiatives in different airport management areas.  ACI-LAC office is honored to have these professionals join the team and contribute with their unique talents, expertise, perspectives and passion for aviation. We are confident that Mike and Lorenzo will bring real value added to our members throughout the region and the industry at large.” said Andrew O’Brian, President of ACI-LAC and CEO of Quiport S.A.

Michael Tubridy has over 25 years of global aviation consulting experience with a focus in the Latin American – Caribbean (LAC) region in the past 20 years. He has led strategic plans, capital investment and affordability plans, airport design and development projects for private and public sector clients.

Lorenzo Di Loreto has a 17 years of vast experience in the airport, aviation, travel and engineering industry. He co-developed the business unit for pursuing of airport development and construction projects.

“It’s an honor to serve the ACI-LAC Board of Directors as Advisor. ACI-LAC is such an important organization and the key voice for all airports in the LAC region.  In my opinion, LAC is one of the most unique aviation regions in the world, with its diversity of public and privately operated airports.  I look forward to applying my experience and providing advice to the Board and to the ACI-LAC members in a way that advances the important issues facing LAC airports.” stated Michael Tubridy, Vice President at Landrum & Brown

“I am pleased to serve as Advisor to ACI LAC´s Board of Directors and thus will support with my experience in the development and implementation of all strategic initiatives going forward. Our industry requires further cooperation, homogenous practices and active knowledge exchange among its members – am therefore ready to play a pivotal role in the realization of ACI LAC´s objectives across all airports equally. I am really looking forward to making my contribution to ACI LAC and its members through my Advisor role” said Lorenzo Di Loreto, Vice President Business Development & Service Delivery of Munich Airport International GmbH

ACI-LAC is the regional office of the Airports Association International (ACI), which represents the interests of airport operators in Latin America and the Caribbean. Founded in 1991, ACI-LAC’s mission is to provide support for a safe, stable, efficient and environmentally compatible airport system. ACI-LAC has 270 Latin American and Caribbean airports in 34 countries that handle 95% of air traffic in the region.

Author: ACI-LAC