ACI-LAC and IATA call on authorities in Peru to ensure the integrity of the sector

Panama, December 19, 2022 – The Airports Council International Latin America and Caribbean (ACI-LAC) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), international organizations representing airports and airlines, call on Peruvian society and authorities to ensure the integrity of workers, equipment, and aeronautical infrastructure to guarantee, as soon as possible, the normal operation of air transport in the country.

Safety is the primary objective of the aviation industry and cannot be compromised. When this occurs, in any of its parts, the operations must be suspended for the good of the users.

Air transport is fundamental to Peru’s social and economic development, and the paralysis of the aviation ecosystem is a serious blow to society, the recovery of the economy, and the country’s image.

ACI-LAC and IATA urge Peruvian society and authorities to reestablish order and take the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of air transport operations. Likewise, we place ourselves at the Peruvian authorities’ disposal to support the country’s prompt recovery and continuity of aviation activity.

Author: ACI-LAC