ACI-LAC Human Resources Committee

The ACI LAC Human Resources Committee is a standing body responsible for establishing and promoting initiatives which inspire excellence in maximizing the potential of Human Capital and the exchange of best practices among the ACI-LAC member airports. Its structure and meeting rules are defined in its terms of reference by the ACI-LAC Guidelines for Committees document.

On annual basis, the HR Committee organizes the ACI-LAC Leadership and Human Capital Forum to promote excellent leadership practices, share knowledge and experience and communicate the best practices and new ideas in HR management.

The current Chair and Vice Chair are listed below:

  • Chair: Fernando Sansone, Aeropuertos Uruguay
  • Vice Chair: Alcira Enríquez, Corporación Quiport
  • Committee Secretary: Francisco Medela, ACI-LAC


The next ACI-LAC Leadership and Human Capital Forum and HR Committee Meeting:


To be announced soon



Labour Competences Directory for Airport Operations

This directory identifies and describes the Labor Competencies of defined positions in the Airport Operations area.

For further information of this Committee, please contact the Committee Secretary Francisco Medela, ACI-LAC Industry Affairs Manager at