Becoming an Exhibitor at the ACI-LAC annual event will certainly provide you a unique opportunity to showcase your product or services among the top decision-makers of the airport community.


Meters Feet
Single Booth 2.5 x 3.0 8 x 10
Double Booth 2.5 x 6.0 8 x 20


Booth Price
ACI Member Non ACI Member
Single Booth USD 3,700 USD 4,500
Double Booth USD 7,000 USD 8,500
Booth includes:
  • 2 free registrations if you book and pay before the deadline (3 months prior to the conference) After the deadline: 1 Free Registration and the second with a 50% discount
  • Electrical fee is not included as part of your booth rental.
    • Electrical fee: 400 USD
  • The stand is made of octanorm perimeter structure & panels
  • 1 vinyl of 3 x 0,25mts for the Company Name
  • Does NOT include graphic design, carpet, special lighting fixtures, furniture and/or plants

floor plan

Option A Option B Option C
Size 10’x 8´ feets / 3.00×2.50mts 20´x 8´feets / 6.00 x 2,50 mts. 10’x 8´ feets / 3.00×2.50mts
Material Aluminum frame walls Wood MDF finishing walls with matte paint
Graphic 3 graphics fabric printed. Each image is 2.90 x 2.40mts. 3 graphics fabric printed. Each image is 1.80 x 1.20mts.
Frame with logo on acrylic in front of the office (left side).
2 Lateral graphic images are 2.40×2.40mts.
1 Back wall graphic image is 2.90×2.40mts.
Forniture 1 round table (90cms diameter) and 4 chairs. 2 benches with 1 low table, 4 stool chairs with 1 high table. 4 highchairs with 1 high table.
55″ monitor on backwall
Counter Not included Double counter (2.00×0.50mts) with logo & storage area. Counter with logo and light (1.00×0.50mts) & storage area.
Light Directed light on each graphic
Floor Finished wooden pallet (floor) with vinyl in grey color. (4cms high) Floor made of wood laminated material (0.7cms). Finished wooden pallet (floor) with vinyl in white color. (4cms high)
Material USD 2,490 USD 3,400 USD 4,400