El Dorado Airport affirms its commitment to wildlife protection

  • El Dorado Airport affirms its commitment to wildlife protection, becoming the 3rd airport in Latin America to sign the Buckingham Palace Declaration.

El Dorado Airport in Bogota, Colombia has signed the Buckingham Palace Declaration, becoming the first airport in Colombia and the third airport in the region to demonstrate its commitment on protecting wildlife from illegal trade and transport. The “United for Wildlife” campaign is part of a working group created in 2014 by Prince William to engage the transport sector in the fight against wildlife trafficking. The working group brought together airports, shipping companies, airlines and government agencies to identify and facilitate actions led by the private sector.

The declaration was signed on August 9, 2021, by El Dorado Airport. The first signatory in the region was the Galapagos Ecological Airport in Ecuador, operated by Corporación América Airports, which is also the operator of Brasilia International Airport, the second airport to sign in the region.

More than 40 companies and organizations that signed the Declaration are committed to combating international wildlife trafficking by identifying suspected illegal traders, sharing information and developing harmonized mechanisms for action, among other measures.

Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Director General of ACI World commented: “I am proud of the commitment demonstrated by El Dorado Airport in Colombia by signing the Buckingham Palace Declaration and joining the fight against the scourge of illegal wildlife trafficking. This illicit trade has become a multi-million-dollar business and, as air travel continues to recover, the air transport system is being targeted by poachers trying to move illegal wildlife goods. Airports like El Dorado are central to the battle against wildlife trafficking and we will continue the fight along with our partners to stamp out this illegal trade.”

Airports Council International (ACI) issued guidance for its members to combat the global illegal trade in protected wildlife and plants.

The ACI Anti-Wildlife Trafficking Manual was developed with the support of USAID’s ROUTES (Reducing Opportunities for Unlawful Transport Endangered Species) partnership to help airports tackle this global crime.

Author: ACI-LAC