Quiport and ECOGAL receive ACI-LAC Green Airport Recognition

Panama, March 21, 2022 – The program Compartamos, developed by Quiport at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport (AIMS) in Quito; and the Sustainable construction project with bioclimatic design and innovative technology that takes advantage of natural resources (wind, light and water) executed by Ecological Airport of Galapagos (ECOGAL), were both recognized by the Green Airport Recognition program awarded by the Airports Council International for Latin America and the Caribbean (ACI-LAC).

The program Compartamos, carried out by Quiport, aims to generate strategic alliances between the different commercial operators and companies that operate at AIMS in order to combat climate change. This alliance allows them to manage used equipment and materials in good condition to be reused by educational, religious and community institutions near the airport, thus extending their useful life and preventing them from entering landfills and dumps. From the beginning of 2020 to July 2021, more than $68,000 thousand dollars in materials and equipment in good condition have been donated, thus avoiding the emission of around 160 tons of CO2.

Ramón Miró, President and CEO of Corporación Quiport, thanked ACI-LAC for the recognition received: “We are aware that there are many needs among the inhabitants of the parishes surrounding our operation.  We developed the Compartamos program as a mechanism that involves the entire AIMS community in the search for opportunities to help solve some of the most pressing needs in the communities, making the airport a good neighbor involved in the problems and their solutions”. Miró took the opportunity to congratulate the Quiport team for the great work done, and ACI-LAC for creating this recognition and giving this type of effort the importance it deserves.

For its part, ECOGAL’s ambitious project allowed the construction of a completely sustainable space in a sensitive area declared a Natural World Heritage Site. The bioclimatic design, the implementation of 100% recyclable ventilation systems, the use of innovative technologies to take advantage of natural lighting, the installation of a wastewater treatment plant, and the environmental strategies applied have led to a significant reduction in environmental impact and operating costs.

Jorge Rosillo, general manager of ECOGAL, said he was proud to open the way for other airports to join the sustainability crusade. “More than 10 years ago we bet on a radical change and to demonstrate that it can be sustainable and profitable at the same time, without affecting safety and passenger experience, thanks to ACI-LAC for this recognition”.

The Green Airport Recognition is an initiative created by ACI-LAC’s Environment and Sustainability Committee to promote best environmental practices that seek to minimize the impact of airport activity on the environment and its surroundings. This initiative offers airports the opportunity to share their most outstanding environmental and socio-environmental projects and programs.

For more details on the 12 projects recognized by ACI-LAC in this edition please visit: /green-airport-recognition/

Author: ACI-LAC