ACI-LAC Facilitation, Airport IT and Security Committee

The ACI LAC Facilitation/IT/AVSEC Committee is a standing body established to identify and address common concerns amongst member airports on facilitation and aviation security matters, provide a platform for members to share best practices, encourage mutual assistance and support in complying with ICAO Annexes. In addition, the group is responsible to discuss and provide input to the development of best and recommended practices and standards in airport IT, in liaison with ACI World Airport Information Technology Committee; and to promote best practices and standards in airport IT amongst members. Its structure and meeting rules are defined in its terms of reference by the ACI-LAC Guidelines for Committees document.

The current Chair and Vice Chair are listed below:

  • Chair: Martín Zazueta, Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico
  • Vice Chair: Ricardo Cerri, Puerta del Sur, S.A.
  • Committee Secretary: Francisco Medela ACI-LAC

Easy Airport – Carrasco International Airport

For further information of this Committee, please contact the Committee Secretary Francisco Medela, ACI-LAC Industry Affairs Manager at